Elvis or Johnny Cash? …Dancing With The Stars or American Idol? …Coke or Pepsi?… Blackberry or iPhone? … Leno or Conan? …Deep dish or thin crust?

Some of the important questions moderator JOHN KING asked at last night’s Republican presidential debate on CNN, as compiled by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

Someone — I hope everyone — at CNN is embarrassed to shit about this.  Because they fucking should be.

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CNN or Tumblr?  We all know that one!

I upgraded to the latest version of Skype and now I can’t connect - Black Login Screen of death. #skypefail Anyone else have this?

I upgraded to the latest version of Skype and now I can’t connect - Black Login Screen of death. #skypefail Anyone else have this?

Florida Senate kills teacher tenure pay system »


In a major shift, the salaries of Florida’s 167,000 teachers could soon be tied to student test scores, rather than seniority and education level.

The state Senate on Wednesday approved on a controversial bill on a 21-17 vote to dismantle teacher tenure, a decades-old system in which educators’ pay is based on years of experience and whether they earn upper-level degrees.

New teachers hired after July 1 would work on one-year contracts and face dismissal if their students did not show learning gains on end-of-year exams for two years in any five-year period. For them, job security would be based soley on two factors: standardized scores and job reviews by principals. Existing teachers would have future pay raises tied to student scores and reviews but would keep their current job security.  (Source)

This is exactly why I will never teach below college level.

More like “Why would should never teach in Florida.” The state legislator does all it can do to cut funding from education I seriously consider moving but the only places that pay really well are also really cold. And my parents guilt me about taking away future grandchildren. Seriously. However, there are a lot of shitty teachers. A lot of them. So this would get rid of a lot of those guys without the unions getting in a tizzy (they would probably get in a tizzy anyway). That is the logic behind this bill. The teachers are supposed to see that what they are doing isn’t working so they change how they teach in order to continue teaching. That isn’t what is going to happen, though. Teachers will teach to the test so that they can stay around. It isn’t a terrible idea in theory but it doesn’t actually work out so well. There is also the issue of “I teach the kids who don’t speak English/are in special education — of course they aren’t going to show dramatic gains.” No one is going to want to teach those kids. They will resent those kids. Unless, of course, there is a buffer. Which their won’t be because that costs… ohmygod… money.

There goes the Louanne Johnson's, Jaime Escalante's and the Joe Clark's of the Florida School system….