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NYC taxi drivers over charged 1.8 million rides for an extra $8 million


The drivers’ scheme, the commission said, involved 1.8 million rides and cost passengers an average of $4 to $5 extra per trip. The drivers, officials said, flipped switches on their meters that kicked in the higher rates, costing New York City riders a total of $8.3 million.

I think they call this the drunk tax.

Important bit of info to watch for: Code 4 on the meter is for trips outside NYC while Code 1 is for trips within city limits.

via the NY Times

About 8 years ago, I came to NY for business staying at a hotel on 6th and 26th st.  Had a great dinner at Smith and Wollensky and then had bottles with friends at a hip hop club called Eugene later that evening.  

Long evening shorter and after a quick Irish exit, I jumped in the first cab in front of the club, gave the cabby the hotel name and street and “relaxed” in the back until we pulled up to the revolving doors, home for the evening.   I don’t know where we went, but the ride cost me $14.00 including tip.  The next morning, I walked past the club from the hotel, on the way to breakfast.   

Lesson learned, but I guarantee 70% of the people scammed weren’t locals and the rest weren’t attentive to the situation. 

BNE has Become Synonymous with Corporate Ad Pollution

I read this article well over a month ago (Dec 9th) in the NY Times about the BNE tagger (Making a Name for Himself, With Just 3 Letters).  Commuting anywhere in NY you’ll see the white and black stickers thrown up on any poll, box, glass, brick or sign.  Going through 10,000 sticks a month, for the last 10 years you’d have to.  Really what the fuck is the point when you have to live you’re life in secret.  Know one knows it’s you!

“I don’t see other graffiti writers as my competition anymore,” B.N.E. said. “Now I’m going up against the Tommy Hilfigers, Starbucks, Pepsi. You have these billion-dollar companies, and I’ve got to look at their logos every day. Why can’t I put mine up?”

Sorry to disappoint BNE, but in your goal to be a bigger name than corporate sponsors, you’ve now become just as big an eye sore as you’re self-proclaimed “competition”.

To me, tagging is not art, it’s celebrity.  Taggers are no different than the fame whores people watch on reality TV shows which add no value to their communities or artistic mediums they so profoundly claim to covet.  If you’re going to throw up, get some style, creativity and be unique otherwise get you’re damn sticker off my shop window.