Austin Vegas

I hate these people… not because I have not had a cronut, and I live 1 block away… (I will not wait in line for 2 hrs nor will I pay someone to do so, for a single item of food) but because of this “craze” I can no longer enjoy a morning cappuccino and delicious REGULAR croissant from D.A.B. before work.  My complaint to D.A.B. is that they need to set up a food cart and “secret” twitter feed and have these people follow you around the  city to get your delicious crack, and leave your bakery to the locals and generic tourists that want your other delicious cannelles, egg sammies and DKAs.  

Good follow up from Fast Company reminding us what we’ve all become here:


Have a great day!

M. Cecelia Bittner and Jessica Hullinger

[Image: Flickr user cumi&ciki]